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Since joining Rapport dog training club I have learnt so much about myself and my dog. My dog Barney is a little nervous and  reactive and after passing our Bronze good citizens award we found it a bit daunting in the mainstream Silver Class.


Wendy advised that we go into the special needs class as it was a smaller group and we had more intensive training which helped me  further read Barneys body language, this in turn helped me to manage his behaviour and continued to develop our confidence and relationship further. We attended a Paw In Two Worlds seminar which really helped me get a better understanding of his body language, facial expressions, vocalisation etc. this definitely helped build a stronger understanding and bond with Barney.


After 6 months in the special needs class we passed our silver good citizens and we recently graduated to the mainstream class to work towards achieving our Gold good citizens award. I cant believe how well we have both come on and what we have learnt and achieved, a massive thank you to Wendy and Rapport dog training club.



Because we had another dog previously we were not worried when we bought Charlie home.  However, we soon found out he had a number of issues.  After some testing times and feeling helpless we contacted Wendy.

With her "Magic" and a lot of perseverance on our part Charlie is now much happier and a big part of our family.  He has even passed his Bronze and Silver good citizen tests!

Because of the issues that Charlie had, without Wendy's help we may not have been able to keep Charlie - we owe her a lot



At the end of each training course we hand out a feedback and evaluation form to clients. Here are some of the quotes;


The trainers were always very helpful, both in and out of class


Thank you for all your help and support, it is much appreciated


Loved the puppy course! Thank you, can’t wait for the bronze!


An excellent service, Wendy and her trainers are always helpful even outside of the class


Cant believe the amount of dog / puppy knowledge the trainers have! Brilliant!


Have loved the classes, never thought I would get this far with Charlie, thank you so, so much, I’m thrilled


Thank you, have enjoyed it so much, you all have so much patience


I have had so much fun with my dog and learned so much, thank you, looking forward to Silver

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