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A look at some of the other learning tools we offer outside of our classes


Reactive Dogs; This seminar covers one of the most common problems in the dog world today.


Why are so many dogs becoming reactive to other dogs? What can we do to stop it? Are we making the situation worse? What does being reactive really mean? What do dogs get out of being reactive?


All these questions will be covered in this seminar. There will also be practical demonstrations with dogs to learn specific techniques to help to retrain reactive dogs. 


Who's Walking Who?; This is a one day workshop, both practical and theory, purely concentrated on dogs that pull on lead. This is such a big problem in the dog world that we run this day 3 times a year.

The aim of this workshop is to encourage owners to look at why their dog pulls on lead, the damage it can do to both dog and handler, how you have trained your dog (yes trained!) your dog to pull on lead, and practical methods to reverse it.


A Paw in Two Worlds; This is a 2 day seminar for both trainers and pet dog owners who would like to have a better understanding of their dogs.  

covering how dogs communicate with each other and what causes it to go wrong, it will give you a much better insight into how your dog 'works', how they try so hard to communicate with us and how we communicate with them, the causes and rises of  dog to dog and dog to human aggression, body language and learning how to read dogs. The difference that your dog’s social position makes and how to recognise it. Is what we are doing to dogs contributing to the rise of aggression and reactivity? Are we making it harder and harder for dogs to live in our world? This presentation is hugely visual with a chance to view and discuss many slides and other visuals. Theer is also practical demonstrations with interactions between dogs. A must for anyone working with dogs in a training and behavioural capacity. This seminar is a great chance to look at things from a different perspective and will appeal to those trainers and behaviourists who think outside of the box and who like to stretch themselves. It will also give pet owners a greater understanding of their dog.



Clickety Click!; This is a fun Clicker training day where you can learn the basics of clicker training your dog, by first clicker training a person to do something! its great fun and a great way to learn how to use the clicker. 


Canine Capers Fun Day With Your Dog; This is a hilarious fun day of games, competition and madness with your dog! a sense of humour and enthusiasm is required!


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